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Small Online Business Ideas: Drop Shipping Vs Affiliate Marketing

As we all know that there are many different online businesses ideas. But today we are going to discuss about the Drop Shipping and Affiliate marketing. In this article we are going to discuss the similarities and differences.

Something about Drop Shipping and Affiliate marketing.

Drop Shipping: Drop Shipping is a business in which you need not to carry any inventory in the whole process of marketing starting from picking the product to delivering the product. In this you just need to find customer on your website at your rate. When someone buys it, you give an extra price to the supplier and which is less than the selling price and says him to deliver to the buyers house the supplier packages it and drop to the customers door. And the remaining amount (selling price – the original price+ the extra price of delivering) is yours.

  1. Affiliate marketing: in this you just have to find customers which can buy the product of someone and if the buyer buys the product then you earn the commission because of the referral. In Drop Shipping you choose the price by calculation while in Affiliate Marketing the supplier chooses the price.


There is a lot of differences between Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping but there are many similarities also. The below mentioned points are those similarities of Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing.

  1. In both Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing you need not to carry any required inventory or shipping goods.
  2. In both the businesses you there is very low risk.
  3. Both the businesses have very high potentials to earn you a large sum of money.
  4. Both the businesses are very easy to start working on immediately.
  5. Both the businesses have zero or minimal start-up costs.


In this article we knew about Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing. Both the businesses are very good at their points. It depends on you that which business suits you well. Go on and start the business of your choice.

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Small Online Business Ideas

Low Investment Business Ideas: Pickle Selling & Traditional Art&crafts

Ever tasted some homemade pickle, papad and thought if you could make it at home. Just like homemade lunch service, this household recipe can win the heart of your customers Or travelled at different places and got mesmerized with their arts, returned home thinking of having such beautiful art and crafts shop in your city. So why not build a business in your city, Yes you can sell them in your region and earn some good money from it. These are some business ideas that require minimal investment and could get you a huge return if you are good at it and all these at a very small investment of money and time. Remember Madhvi bhabi from Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashma, who use to sell achar papar and help her husband economically, and that person in your city travelling way long from Uttarakhand to sell you their handicrafts.

In this article, we will discuss such small scale business ideas which could earn you a good profit at least investment in it.

Pickle selling.

Selling out your homemade pickles is not a tedious job, as In India we love to have it in our dining table. Every age group love the verity of taste our homemade pickles have. There are various types of these foods that can be taken into consideration which generates income for hundreds of families in India, and so help by adding the country’s economy.

Traditional art&crafts.

With that, traditional art and crafts have a huge market in India, many foreigners like to buy these traditionally crafted stones, sand pots, fans and many more, India is filled with these. There’s a huge export of these products in different countries of the world. Buying and selling of such crafts can be very profitable for a business-minded person


So these were the idea where you can spend a little and earn a lot. All you need to do is start doing it.