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We are always ready to offer an opportunity for a content writer having specialization in the home decor write for us niche to join our team by contributing unique quality content the content should be exciting and should be creative. We try to deliver all tips and tricks related to home decor for every occasion and festival. So, to deliver these innovative tips we welcome some content writers or bloggers who can write for us and share some interesting ideas on our website with a good quality that must add some traffic to our website.

One can write anything related to the following topics.

  • Home décor,
  • Furniture,
  • Home improvement

Content Guidelines

Before submitting any articles, please make sure that you strictly follow our guidelines or else we may reject your work.

All the content should be unique and original with the word limit not exceed 600 words per articles. The article should be related to a home niche and should be full of values. It should be capable enough to engage the large audience for a specific period of time.

Type of content accepted

You can write on the following topics like home décor ideas, DIY you can write the product review for any product related to home décor by mentioning its pros and cons.

Another interesting area is providing tips and trick for home decoration. You can also write about the new release and the place from where you can buy them. However, this are just some form of suggestions in case you are a new or unexperienced content writer. For an expert, they can drive any form of the content.


As all the content written by you will be posted on our website. Therefore, it is necessary that these content must have at least some form, Seo.



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