How to use Homewyse

This software also allows you to even save the list in the middle and ensure it for custom editing later. This feature allow you to save the list and use it again to the same types of jobs.

Thus this will increase your customer base. The homewyse list are very simple to use thus it can be used by anyone working within the company and have a basic knowledge of the estimation. To do a particular estimate all you have to do is that to follow the steps:


  1. Make a account with homewyse by visiting their website.
  2. Choose from the various pre-defined templates that suits your business
  3. Edit some basic information like cost of the labour.
  4. Enter the basic parameter in the templates
  5. The list will be modified accordingly.

Homewyse understands the needs of today’s market and provides the following latest features

  1. Combining more common options as a single option
  2. Giving the flexibility to change cost factor
  3. It helps you to easily share the professional-grade detailed estimation in less than 60 seconds using your smartphone or Tablets.

This app helps you to create a job-winning estimate without any stress or anxiety. The most important feature of this app is a master list, which is the estimating calculator that has been precisely tuned to your preferences; one can create his master list or edit the existing one. They can also make changes to the items on the master list. To create one own master list, one has to sign in to the app.

It has given concrete platform for many industries to grow and benefit people. The consolidation of the internet as a global platform has changed the way of communication and international and domestic business activities


Thus, nothing can be as fast as this app. The only condition that is applicable is the correct input from the user.

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