Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas Without Any Investment.

These are some online business which you can start without investing a single penny. You just have to give time to these businesses.

Because we all have heard that time is money, if you are not investing then you have to give your honest time to these businesses.

You just have to have a laptop and a stable internet connection then after you can start your business from your home only. And the businesses are:

1. Starting YouTube Channel.

If you are good at anything, it can be dancing, framing, music, or you have a good knowledge of anything like technology, cars, books, ancient caves etc.

In a few words if you have anything then why not to show it to the world.

If you have a very good sense of humour then you can also start roasting or do stand-up comedy. But always shoot and create unique videos and posts.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

You can say that this is one of the best methods of earning online. If the other services mentioned above fails (which is not possible) still there will be here standing alone for years.

Affiliate marketing is nothing, you just have to recommend another person’s product to someone else and if the person buys the product then you will get the commission because of the referral.

3. Drop Shipping.

Drop Shipping is a business in which you need not to carry any inventory in the whole process of marketing starting from picking the product to delivering the product.

In this you just need to find customer on your website at your rate. When someone buys it, you give an extra price to the supplier and which is less than the selling price and says him to deliver to the buyers house the supplier packages it and drop to the customers door. And the remaining amount (selling price – the original price+ the extra price of delivering) is yours.


Therefore, we have seen that these are some important online businesses ideas which you can start without any investment.

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