Where to use your Landing Pages?

As we all know that LeadPages is best for the landing pages containing a lot of templates to make your website good looking and attractive. The LeadPages pricings are also very nominal. But the biggest question which could be aroused that why should anyone use the landing page? This is a quite good question as you can say why to add a page? Why not directly include the opt-in form on your website. But there are several things which you could miss if you are not using landing pages. These things will be discussed in this article.

The several reasons for which you should use a landing page are –

  1. Linking it in your social media profile – instead of sending the visitors to your website from social media from where they may return or maybe not, you can send them to your landing page and grab their email address, and it will be ensured that you will be able to stay in touch with your visitors.
  2. Using it with social media advertising –you may be using social media ads like Facebook then one of the best things is to redirect all your users to the landing page of your website, rather than to any blog post or all other things. If you send them to your landing page then they have only two options either to subscribe to you or leave you. There will be no other distraction to it.
  3. If you do any podcast interview or guest post – it will not help you so much in sending people to your blog or your website’s home page. But if you send people directly to your homepage will have many options like they might not find their need and they will leave. But if you send him to your opt-in page then they will subscribe first and once if you get their landing page then you can build your relation.

Lastly, best wishes on your website.

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